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Job Title

Education Specialist: Dyslexia Bilingual/ESL/Assessment

Reports To

Project Coordinator: Curriculum Support


Academic Services

Pay Grade

This is a 12-month position for 232 days at a salary of $241/day.


  • Three (3) to five (5) years experience administering dyslexia and/or special education testing with ESL/bilingual Spanish and English students

  • Five (5) years combined classroom teaching experience in bilingual reading program and/or dyslexia intervention

  • Experience monitoring district/campus compliance with federal and state special education, Section 504, and dyslexia laws, regulations, and rules

  • Leadership position at campus or district level with experience in providing professional development for teachers in the area of assessment and/or dyslexia services

Equipment Requirements

  • Telephone, fax, computer and peripherals, assistive technologies, and other equipment as requirements change

Work Conditions

  • Lifting and carrying (0-15 pounds)

  • Sitting, listening, speaking and repetitive hand motions

  • Visual acuity with printouts and monitor

  • Occasional irregular hours


  • Understand, develop outreach, and deliver ESC Region XIII products and services with an understanding of clients' needs in the areas of: State Dyslexia Law and Commissioner Guidelines Compliance, Section 504 laws and procedures, the intersection of special education evaluations and state dyslexia evaluation guidelines, and teacher professional development in administering bilingual dyslexia and reading assessments

  • Collaborate with dyslexia and literacy specialists to develop and present best practices in instructional interventions for students with dyslexia and related disorders who also are learning English as a second language


  • Knowledge of TEKS, ELPS, and CCRS

  • Ability to communicate in English and in academic Spanish, verbally and in writing

  • Knowledge of state and federal accountability standards for ELLs, especially as they relate to bilingual/ESL education, 504, Special Education and dyslexia services

  • Knowledge of interventions and transitioning of students from Spanish to English reading, spelling and writing using instructional methodologies for students with dyslexia and related disorders

  • Knowledge of second language acquisition and building academic vocabulary

  • Ability to assess ELLs for language proficiency in both Spanish and English using standardized tests

  • Ability to assess ELLs for dyslexia in both Spanish and English using standardized tests

  • Ability to train Region XIII district personnel to assess ELLs for both language proficiency and dyslexia in Spanish and English

  • Ability to develop instructional products and online courses to support educators of ELL/dyslexic students

  • Knowledge of assistive technology resources for ELL/dyslexic students

  • Skills in integrating technology into instruction

  • Knowledge of how to create a positive learning environment for culturally diverse students and their families, particularly families of students with dyslexia and learning disabilities

  • Knowledge of Title III and other federal, state, and local funding sources for services to ELLs, 504, and students with dyslexia

  • Strong organizational, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to travel independently

  • Ability to work in a team environment and follow ESC Region XIII systems and procedures

  • Willingness to assist and support local district personnel in addressing the improvement of student performance and other identified district/campus needs

  • Commitment to furthering own professional development in the area of best practices in assessing a variety of learning disabilities including dyslexia as well as interventions for students identified as English Language Learners with learning disabilities


  • Master's Degree or advanced degree preferred

  • Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (TSBEP) or Educational Diagnostician (SBEC) credential

  • Texas teacher certification in ESL or Bilingual Education (Bilingual Certification preferred)

  • Certification or Practitioner level of training in an accredited Dyslexia Training program

  • Completion of LPAC and TELPAS training and experience with implementation


  • Serve as a representative of the Center, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration, and discretion in all interactions with other members of the educational community and with the public

  • Communicate and develop outreach to inform districts of their responsibilities in serving ELL students who may be dyslexic and/or have related disorders, or who are 504 eligible

  • Provide bilingual/dyslexia formal evaluations for districts until they can train internal staff to conduct language proficiency and dyslexia evaluations

  • Provide professional development and training for special education assessment personnel to incorporate dyslexia assessment and identification into special education evaluations in compliance with federal and state laws and guidelines

  • Provide professional development and training for teachers of students with dyslexia regarding how to transition the phonology, orthographies and morphologies of Spanish into reading of English words

  • Collaborate with dyslexia and literacy specialists to develop professional development for teachers which will improve student performance in reading and writing

  • Provide professional development and training for district personnel in how to conduct language proficiency evaluations, dyslexia evaluations, and Section 504 eligibility evaluations

  • Perform other duties as assigned

Posting Date


Closing Date

Open until filled.