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Commissioner Posts Remedy for Online Testing Issues

The Commissioner has addressed the online testing issues experienced in April and again in May. His press release can be found here: District Testing Coordinators (DTCs) should have received the promised data files with students flagged who were impacted. DTCs should carefully review those files, and if students do not appear who tested online and were impacted, DTCs should contact ETS and explain the discrepancy. Please note, however, that the Commissioner’s press release provides very specific information on how students were identified to be flagged as impacted. Just because a student tested online it doesn’t necessarily mean that TEA and ETS has defined them as “impacted”. TEA Performance Reporting will run the data removing the students flagged as impacted. Performance Reporting will also run the data keeping the flagged students. Based on those two runs, TEA will keep the rating, with or without the flagged students, whichever is better. Districts may want to double check the numbers with and without flagged students on their end as well. Districts will not be required to act to remedy this situation. TEA has promised to do it on their end. If you need assistance with this process or have questions, contact Mark Billingsley at or 512-919-5411.

Importing STAAR Test Tickets

Functionality for importing test tickets has been changed and will no longer serve to transfer in a student. Beginning with the May 2018 STAAR administrations, districts importing a test ticket will be able to access and print the student test ticket from the test session and group into which the test ticket was imported. However, the student’s home county-district-campus number where scores will be reported will not change. Importing the student test ticket will not transfer in the student to the district importing the test ticket. Districts can still transfer in/out students as needed via the student upload, registration, or transfer functionality.

TELPAS Online Training Center Goes Offline July 2nd

The TELPAS Online Training Center will go offline for maintenance on July 2. Users can download and save certificates and print scoring summaries before that date. After the training center is taken offline, certificates and scoring summaries will no longer be available.

STAAR Assessment Management System User’s Guide Update

The STAAR Assessment Management System User’s Guide has been updated effective February 13, 2018. Make sure you are referencing the new version in order to help you navigate the SAMS site.

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