TELPAS Alternate

Highlights from the 12/12/18 TELPAS Alternate TETN:

No PowerPoint was presented, instead the TETN consisted of a tour of the new TELPAS Alt webpage and some Q&A

To access the page, start at the TEA homepage, hover over Student Testing and Accountability, TELAPS Alternate is the last link under Testing

  • The TELPAS and TELPAS Alternate Educator Guide will be updated next week to include Chapter 5 on TELPAS Alternate
  • TELPAS Alternate Blueprints and Proficiency Labels and Definitions are now posted on the website
  • Participation Requirements are posted in both English and Spanish
  • Medical Exception Eligibility Requirements and No Authentic Academic Response (NAAR) Eligibility Requirements are posted in English, these are still be translated to Spanish and will be posted when ready
  • Observable Behaviors (with notes) is posted.
    • This version does not contain Level information
    • Teachers can start using this now, however actual student evaluations should not occur until the assessment window opens (2/25-4/5)
  • Administration Manual is posted under Training Resources
  • Training PowerPoints are/will be posted
    • Recommended that administrators view the PPTs as part of their training
    • PPT links open Avocet
      • Once in Avocet click on “T”
      • Click on TELPAS Alternate Training PowerPoints
    • Introduction, Eligibility, and Speaking Domain PPTs are available now
      • Accessibility PPT should be posted late next week
    • The Domain PPTs will give examples of the Observable Behaviors for that domain
      • These are EXAMPLES, there is no requirement that teachers use these exact activities
    • Rating scenarios will also be included

There will be a TELPAS Alternate procedural webinar on Feb. 1.  This will be repeated at 11:00 and 1:00.  Registration will be posted in January.

Information from Questions asked:

EL Support at TEA is responsible for the Reclassification form edits and they are aware of this need.

Care should be used when using TELPAS Alternate to reclassify students (no baseline data avialable)

Changing or updating the assessment decision or accommodations for state assessments may be done as an amendment with no ARD meeting. However, make sure you also follow your local requirements.

The only training requirement for the TELPAS alternate is the test administrator training that is normally held before test administrations.  The PPTs, webinars, etc. are recommended but not required.

  • Slide 15 of the Introduction to TELPAS Alternate PPT shows a required training session in Jan/Feb. 2019. We are checking with TEA about this as it contradicts what was said during the TETN.
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