TELPAS Online Training Center

The TELPAS Online Training Center will be available beginning January 14, 2019, at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/TELPASTrainingCenter. Individuals who need to use this website to access the required online basic training course and calibration activities, as well as the optional Assembling and Verifying Grades 2–12 Writing Collections course, are required to create a new user profile. All individuals must enter a keyword to create a new user profile in the TELPAS Online Training Center. The keyword for 2019 TELPAS online training is training2019.

Monitored calibration sessions must be established for raters to complete calibration activities.

  • Access to calibration is passcode protected.
  • There are separate passcodes for set 1 and set 2.
  • Coordinators will provide proctors the daily passcodes for use in monitored calibration sessions.

A document titled “TELPAS Online Training Coordinator Resources Information” can be accessed within the Published Reports section of the STAAR Alternate 2, TELPAS, and TELPAS Alternate Assessment Management System starting on January 14, 2019. The information contained in this document should only be shared with other designated personnel acting as district coordinator assistants.

 TELPAS Student Registration Window

The window to import student registration files for TELPAS to the Assessment Management System opens January 9, 2019. Districts can continue to update student data through the testing window, which closes April 5, 2019.

If your district chose to have Pearson load students using PEIMS data, you may import a student registration file to update student information for existing students or add students who are new to your district.

If your district chose NOT to have Pearson load any student data, your district is required to submit a student registration file containing all students who will participate in the 2019 TELPAS administration.

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4 Responses to 2019 TELPAS

  1. John Garvey says:

    Is there a requirement that students do not skip lines in the writing when doing the tell pass writing?

    • bhudson says:

      No there is no such requirement. Writing samples should be authentic writing assignments from the student’s classes and if skipping lines is allowed that is OK. Writing samples are holistically scored by persons in your distinct, not an outsider or AI.


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