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Texas Academic Performance Reports Update

On Friday, January 11, the following updates were made to the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR). The Texas Institution of Higher Education (TX IHE) enrollment data for 2015–16 graduates were updated. 2017 Grade 8 Mathematics outcomes were added to the … Continue reading

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December 2018 STAAR EOC Reporting

Reports from the December 2018 STAAR EOC administrations are scheduled to be posted Friday, January 11, 2019.  STAAR report cards, rosters, summary reports, and data files can be accessed through the STAAR Assessment Management System.  The Student Portal is scheduled … Continue reading

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Preliminary Public Comment on Industry-Based Certifications

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requests preliminary public comment on a draft list of industry-based certifications to be used for public school accountability. The new list of industry-based certifications is scheduled to go into effect for the 2019-2020 school-year and … Continue reading

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Out of District/School Registration

Students who are Out of District (OOD) or Out of School (OOS) who wish to take a STAAR EOC during the April or May administration window must register for the assessment using the form located at  A directory of campuses … Continue reading

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2018-19 Interim Assessments Opportunity 2

The 2018-19 Interim Assessments are a free, optional tool available to districts from TEA.  The recommended window for Administration Opportunity 2 is the month of February, but the window will remain open through March 29, 2019.  Districts can choose the … Continue reading

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2017-18 TAPR Reports and Masking

You may have noticed that the publicly released 2017-18 Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) have an increased number of asterisks (*) in them, especially for smaller districts and campuses.  This is due to TEA’s compliance with the federal Family Educational … Continue reading

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