December 2018 STAAR EOC Reporting

Reports from the December 2018 STAAR EOC administrations are scheduled to be posted Friday, January 11, 2019.  STAAR report cards, rosters, summary reports, and data files can be accessed through the STAAR Assessment Management System.  The Student Portal is scheduled to be updated Monday, January 14.  The raw score to scale score conversion tables are posted here.

STAAR report cards for the December 2018 administrations will be available online only, no printed copies will be sent.

Districts are responsible for resolving inconsistent and missing student information as well as mismatches between the answer documents and records in the STAAR Assessment Management System.  The window for completing these resolutions opened Dec. 12, 2018.  Resolutions completed by January 18, 2019 will be reflected on the final region and state reports.  Districts may continue to resolve data problems for up to one year after each test administration,  Districts will receive updated STAAR Report Cards and data files for resolutions made within the one year period, however any issues resolved after January 18, 2019 will not be reflected on statewide reports.

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