Texas Academic Performance Reports Update

On Friday, January 11, the following updates were made to the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR).

  • The Texas Institution of Higher Education (TX IHE) enrollment data for 2015–16 graduates were updated.
  • 2017 Grade 8 Mathematics outcomes were added to the TAPR data downloads.
  • A confidential version of the TAPR PDF, with revised masking for performance percentages by grade level and subject area was released in the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) Accountability application. Masking in these reports was applied when the denominator was fewer than five. The original reports masked when the numerator was fewer than five. This change was applied to allow additional data to appear on the reports. Updated pages in the PDF are noted with a current date and marked confidential.

Updated data downloads for performance will be available via TEASE in the near future.

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