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Guiding Document- Including AT in the IEP (How are YOU documenting AT?)

What’s happening out there?  I’ve recently received a lot of questions from all over about how to document AT in the IEP. I wondered about why I was getting this question so frequently this year but hadn’t in previous years?  Well, after a little digging, it looks like some of the ARD/IEP software programs districts […]

Protocol for Accommodations in Reading- Archived Webinar Available

The PAR manual helps you determine the most suitable reading accommodations for specific students by assessing their individual needs. Anyone on the IEP team can administer PAR to systematize how reading accommodations are recommended on a student level or across the school district.   The live webinars regarding PAR (Protocol for Accommodations in Reading) presented […]

Type 2 Spelling Accommodations

Technology Tools Aligned to Type 2 Spelling Accommodations Link for recorded webinar: omp3gci8 Link for Livebinder- online toolkit: These resources provide information about some amazing free and commercial technology tools that provide text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word prediction, and other technological supports for struggling spellers. The exciting part about those amazing spelling tools is that students […]

Doing More With Less: Accommodations with Technology

In the days of shrinking budgets and disappearing resources, the promise of free, research-based supports for struggling learners seems almost too good to be true; however, that is not the case when you are talking about some of the new, free, and innovative technology solutions for reading and writing.  We now have more options than […]

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