A Day in the Life of a Classroom Management Coach

Coaching Classroom Management

“I wonder what the teachers will be like? Will they realize I am here to help them, not critique them? Will they like me? How can I earn their trust and build a relationship during these five visits?” All of these thoughts are running through my head before I go into any classroom to provide classroom management coaching. It can be challenging to be a classroom management coach, but not as challenging as it can be to be a teacher without any help. I try to keep that in mind as I make my way to the classroom. I put those thoughts into the back of my head and get to work.

During my first visit, I generally meet with the principal and get a perspective of the issues involved with the teachers or grade level needing help. Before this, I try my hardest to meet with the teachers first. Teachers are under so much pressure that it’s only natural they’ll feel some discomfort about someone from the outside coming in to observe their classroom and “make a judgement.” I like to meet with them before observing in the classroom so I can reassure them I’m not here to evaluate, but just to help them and make their job a bit easier. After all, like I tell the teachers I work with, I’ve been in this exact same position before.

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