3 Ways to make your ISS Program SMART

Ways to Make your ISS Program Smarter

Traditional ISS programs are founded on the principle that punishing students results in decreased behavior. SMART ISS is a program that flips that script; focusing instead on making ISS programs active and restorative rather than simply punitive. Here are three ways you can switch what your ISS program does to make sure it’s SMART.

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3 Reasons Traditional ISS Doesn’t Work


Smart ISS

The traditional In School Suspension model is broken and yet most schools still use it. Schools across Texas and throughout the country practice the traditional, punitive, method of ISS. In this model, students get in trouble and are sent to a room on campus  as punishment. They might complete homework or do assignments, but the main point is they’re separated from their peers. The idea is that, by forcing students to think about what they’ve done, they won’t do it again. Of course, that logic doesn’t always follow through. Here are three reasons why the traditional ISS method doesn’t work.

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