Archive for November 22nd, 2011

Is the World Shrinking or is it Just Videoconferencing?

Over the years of connecting and observing different groups through interactive video conferencing, I have a profound appreciation for what this type of communication has to offer. Early on when the Texas Education Agency and all 20 Education Service Centers … Continue reading

Executive Function – What is it, and why do SLPs need to know about it?

According to Dawson and Guare(2010), Executive function refers to “high-level cognitive processes required to plan and direct activities, including task initiation and follow-through, working memory, sustained attention, performance monitoring, inhib…

STEM – Cool Colleges

If our ultimate STEM goal is to excite and engage students in inquiry, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, real-world problem solving, the engineering design process, etc. then we better find some really cool colleges for our students to popu…

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