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Leadership and Supervision

Author:  Dr. Lauralee Pankonien, Senior Coordinator for Educator Quality and Diane Potter, Coordinator for Administrator Quality Tags: There are a multitude of hats worn by campus leaders, so many that it is often difficult to decide which one is the most important or how to decide where to begin.  So let’s start with the assumption, based […]

Section 504 FAQ

 Authors:  Susan Patteson and Judy Butler FAQs What is the purpose of Section 504? Section 504′s main emphasis in the schools is equal educational opportunity, which is mainly accomplished by providing appropriate classroom accommodations to eligible disabled students. Section 504 also requires that eligible students are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in school extracurricular […]

Math with Mary!

Author: Mary Headley – Elementary Math Specialist The introduction of new math concepts can be described using three stages: I. Concrete (the “doing” stage) – This stage involves both teacher and student modeling. II. Pictorial (the “seeing” stage) – This stage transitions the concrete model into a representational level such as  drawing pictures or using […]

Text levels: Is it important to know the reading levels of middle school and high school students?

Author: Stephanie Heinchon, Literacy Specialist   When we think of reading levels, we visualize a group of young children at a horseshoe shaped table all reading the same book, learning to read. As students reach middle school and high school we expect them to use reading as a tool for learning, or reading to learn.  […]

Science Notebooks: A Reflection of Progress

Author: D’Anna Pynes, Elementary Science Specialist   It is that time of year again: new school supplies and a fresh start.  Students and parents may come to you wondering how they are going to use those school supplies and excited to fill those pages.  Before your students begin writing in their science notebooks, today may […]

Managing e-Portfolios

Author:  Juan Orozco, Instructional Technology Specialist Personal e-portfolios have been widely used at the university level for assessment, for presentations and to showcase student accomplishments. Recently, there has also been a rise in the use of personal e-portfolios at the K-12 level. Consider the following sixth grade standard: 6) Technology operations and concepts. The student […]

And still, outside of school, people wrote…

Author: Susan Diaz, Secondary Literary Specialist In grad school, one of my professors assigned an article for us to read by Kathleen Blake Yancey, the former president of NCTE, entitled “Writing in the 21st Century.” (To read this article, go to  I distinctly remember falling in love with this article for several reasons: her […]

Flooding the Gap

Author:  Kathy Clapsaddle, Coordinator, Special Education Vocabulary matters.  We know that children from poverty come to school with a significant vocabulary gap.  Make that a 30 million word gap in words heard by age 4 (Hart and Risley, 1995).  Similar statistics hold true for children with language learning difficulties.  Those oral language gaps can translate […]

Getting to Know your English Language Learners

Author:   Janet O’Keeffe  Project Coordinator, ESL/Bilingual Programs Another school year is beginning and there are so many things teachers are responsible for as they prepare for a new group of students.  Teachers are anxious to get their class rosters to find out which students they will be working with during the new school year.  As […]

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