Archive for August 29th, 2012

Accessible Class Notes

Accessible Classnotes is a great website created by students from across the world to share their course notes, audio recordings, etc. to help improve opportunities for equal education.  This is a great resource for your students!  http://www.inclusi…

Windows 7 Screen Magnification

Here’s a link to a article in the Fred’s Head’s blog on the APH website that describes how to use the much improved, built-in screen magnification with Windows 7:  

End of Course Success – OnTRACK for US HISTORY

The OnTRACK U.S. History course consists of 6 modules (45 total lessons) which you and your students can access through the “Lessons” option in the OnTRACK course. The table at this link  provides descriptions of the modules and lessons …

Portfolio Corner: Supported Employment

This month, we will focus on Supported Employment.  The following information was taken from the AFB Career Connect website ( Supported Employment (SE) is a program established by the federal government in th…

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