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IDEA-B MOE Compliance Review Posted to GFFC Reports

The IDEA-B MOE Compliance Reviews for 2015-16 have been posted to GFFC Reports and Data Collections in TEASE.  This compliance report is needed for completion of the consolidated grant. Individual enforcement letters containing further instructions will be sent directly to LEA superintendents of districts in non-compliance with MOE regarding submission of refunds. The report title is: […]

3 Types of Restorative Circles You can Use in Classrooms

Restorative circles are strategies you can use in your classrooms to develop relationships, build communities, and respond to conflicts and problems that arise. With restorative circles, you give everyone an equal opportunity to speak, and be listened to. When you’re building your restorative circles, the basic structure is easy to learn. Gather everyone around in …

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Last Days to Register for Conscious Discipline July 10-11!

We are just a few days away from our much anticipated event! As you know we will be offering a copy of the latest edition of the Conscious Discipline book. In order to have all orders in time for the training please register by Friday June 23. If you register past that date we may […]