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EOC Update

December 2017 STAAR Participation Counts Extended TEA has extended the window to update participation counts for the December 2017 STAAR end-of-course (EOC) administration. The window will remain open through 11:00 PM (CT) Thursday, September 21, 2017….

What is a LSSP and what do they do?

You’ve likely heard about LSSPs before, but maybe aren’t 100% what they are. LSSP stands for Licensed Specialists in School Psychology, and they’re one of the foundations to a functional and healthy school. As LSSPs at Region 13, we conduct evaluations (and often reevaluations) to determine if your students are eligible for, or can continue …

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SPED Consolidated Grant Deadline Extended to September 11, 2017

Application Deadlines Extended Due to the severe hardship created by Hurricane Harvey for many local educational agencies, the Texas Education Agency is extending the due date to September 11, 2017, for the following grant applications: 2017-2018 ESC IDEA-B Sensory Impairments 2017-2018 ESC State Gifted and Talented 2017-2018 ESC Title I, Part C Migrant Basic Services […]

What is Bullying and Why is it Harmful?

Bullying is all around us. It’s easy to do. A bully approaches someone else and pressures them to do something they don’t want to do, or never wanted to do in the first place. Bullies can tease, hurt, or even torment other students. You might have missed it though, because what constitutes bullying can be …

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