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3 Reasons why Behavior Charts Are Not Effective

Plenty of schools use behavior charts to track their students’ behavior. Behavior charts come in all shapes and sizes and are used primarily to motivate students to behave better while in class. At the core, the idea seems right: by tracking our students’ reactions throughout the day we encourage them to make better choices. But …

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Professional Collection Resources

Happy New Year Region 13 Librarians and Library Supporters! As you are working on book orders this spring, please keep in mind the following products that would be a fantastic addition to your professional collection. All of these items were designed by Region 13 education specialists with Texas-specific standards, processes, and best practices in mind. […]

Final OSEP Letter and Monitoring Report From Visit in Texas the Week of February 27, 2017

Attached are the letter from OSEP that provides a summary of the results of the Office of Special Education Program’s monitoring visit in Texas during the week of February 27, 2017 and the monitoring report. 1.10.18 TX Monitoring Enclosure Final fedltrtoTEA.011118

UDL Series: UDL in Your Lesson Plan Goals

So far in the blog series we’ve learned about the myth of the average student and how the UDL Guidelines offer a systematic, predictable way to plan for every learner. How will you plan for learner variability this semester? Patti Kelly Ralabate, in her book, Your UDL Lesson Planner, focuses on a six-step process for […]

Check out what’s coming up 2018!

Join us for a make and take day focused on the Math & Science Guidelines! Each session is three hours in the morning and/or afternoon with an opportunity for you to make it a full day PD or just take a half day off. How Tall? How Short? How Heavy? Measuring in a Pre-K Classroom* …

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Tips to Setting up Efficient and Effective Classroom Rules

The hardest part of starting any new school year, or even a new semester is setting up effective and efficient classroom rules. Classroom management can be difficult, because what works for one group of students isn’t going to work for the next. We asked Albert Felts to break down for us his process for setting …

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Sheltered Instruction Plus with John Seidlitz

  Overview:  This two-day training will explore incredibly dynamic, hands-on strategies for sheltering instruction in the content areas. Participants will come away from this training with a comprehensive plan for successfully teaching ELLs that includes: welcoming English learners constructing language-rich, interactive classrooms differentiating instruction planning instruction with the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) Participants will receive a copy …

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Enhancing Instructional Opportunities for Immigrant Students

This TEA created training provides districts with a framework for supporting Immigrant students. If you are a stakeholder interested in rolling out similar trainings in your district, we encourage you to attend this learning opportunity. While this event is not an official trainer of trainers, we will discuss professional development considerations to guide LEAs in meeting cognitive, …

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Free Books For Read Across America Day is February 12th, 2018

The Literacy Empowerment Foundation, a nonprofit organization, invites your school or other literacy project to apply for FREE books for Read Across America Day. During the past year, LEF has distributed over 3,000,000 books to schools all across the country for Read Across America Day and other literacy projects. These books are FREE. Educators only pay …

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SPED SSA Configuration Changes Deadline February 1, 2018

If your LEA is making changes to a Shared Services Arrangement (SSA) for special education, this notice applies to you. Withdrawing from a SSA and establishing your own in-district program involves many considerations and can impact your federal fiscal compliance requirement of Maintenance of Effort. ESC 13 can assist with this type of transition. See […]