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Upcoming Events for January 2019

Happy New Year! We have several opportunities this month to jump start your 2019. Use the following links to learn more and register. Increasing and Strengthening Parental Outreach(SP1940061) Register HERE. When: January 16, 2019  -9am-12pm Where: ESC …

STAAR Stuff: Supplemental Aids for Science

What are supplemental aids? Supplemental aids are paper-based resources that assist a student in recalling information and concepts taught in class. Who can use supplemental aids? To be eligible to use supplemental aids on a state assessment, the stude…

5 Points About Supplemental Aids for STAAR

You likely already know about, and use, supplemental aids on your campus. They’re great tools that help make sure your students do their absolute best on every test they take. However, the use of supplemental aids for the STAAR test can be a bit confusing. Here are 5 points you need to know about using […]

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Beat the Heat 2019 Call for Presentations: Teachers Teaching Teachers

  Beat the Heat 2019 is coming soon!  This summer conference is dedicated to providing professional development to educators, parents, and others who work with children ages 3-21 with significant intellectual and low incidence disabilities. We are…

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