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Out of District/School Registration

Students who are Out of District (OOD) or Out of School (OOS) who wish to take a STAAR EOC during the April or May administration window must register for the assessment using the form located at  A direct…

2018-19 Interim Assessments Opportunity 2

The 2018-19 Interim Assessments are a free, optional tool available to districts from TEA.  The recommended window for Administration Opportunity 2 is the month of February, but the window will remain open through March 29, 2019.  Districts can choose …

6 Supplemental Aids Allowed on Your Math STAAR Tests

Supplemental aids are paper-based resources that assist a student in recalling information. Here are 6 supplemental aids your student can use on the STAAR math tests. 1. Blank Graphic Organizer You might be pretty familiar with Gallon Man already. He’s the cool dude without an attitude that helps your student remember how many pints are […]

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Join us on Feb.12 for Effective EL Engagement & Formative Assessment Strategies

Join us in discovering ways to transform your classroom by enhancing participation and quickly assessing the learning of your EL students!  This training picks up where Strategies that Advance ELs’ Academic & Linguistic Success (FA1838895)* l…

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