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Summer 2019: Region 13 Mobile ESL Academies

Do you have teachers who need to take the TEXES 154 ESL Supplemental Exam this year?   Several districts are hosting the Region 13 Bilingual/ESL team this summer, to offer the 3-Day ESL Academy. These trainings are open to all neighboring district…

What is Peer Mediation?

You’ve heard the phrase “judged by a jury of your peers,” plenty of times in your life. It’s a fundamental part of our judicial system: our judgement will be handed down by people just like us. However, for many students that same system doesn’t apply. Students often get “judged” and “sentenced” by people much older […]

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What Is Universal Design for Learning?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing your instruction based on principles that allow all of your students to have access to the general curriculum. Every classroom is full of diverse students with their own unique learning styles. You might have a student who speaks two languages, a student who loves to […]

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What is a Restorative Conference?

Your school or campus might already use conferences to deal with behavior issues, but restorative conferences are a bit different. In restorative conferences, victims, offenders, and their friends and family take an active role in resolving any conflicts. A restorative conference is an example of restorative discipline. You should use restorative practices when you wish to […]

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CLI – Developing Pragmatic Language Skills

Developing Pragmatic Language Skills Oral language is the ability to comprehend receptively, to process and understand heard speech, such as a story read aloud or a question prompt. It also includes expressive language which is the ability to verbalize…

3 Cyberbullying Tactics to Watch Out For

Cyberbullying is a huge problem our students face daily. With the rise of smartphones and social media your students are communicating 24/7 with each other and others across the world. This means that it’s even easier for bullying to occur. This type of bullying is often persistent, permanent, and hard for us to notice. An […]

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High Cost Funds

The High Cost Funds application opened in TEAL March 1, 2019.  The application will close May 1, 2019.  LEAs will receive notification of awards by July 1, 2019. Details and directions for the online application and the technical enhancements made to t…

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