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Early Childhood Summer PD Opportunities

Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)

AUTHOR: Lauralee Pankonien, Sr Coordinator: Certification Administration Although change seems to be a constant in public education, it is rare that a new initiative reaches most Texas classrooms in the same school year. We are on the cusp of that unusual occurrence as the new Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) will be rolled […]

Reflections from an EOC Parent, Part 2

Author:  Collections compiled from a team of Education Specialists  Our first InSight Newsletter for 2012-2013 introduced this new series focused on sharing voices of EOC parents with the hope that educators remember to take a moment and reflect upon the point of view held by one of education’s most important stakeholders, the parent.  As we […]

The Power of Reflective Practice

Lauralee Pankonien, Senior Coordinator for Certification Administration   “If only I had time to think!” This sentiment may sound familiar to all of us as busy educators, but research shows that in order to be effective in our work we must treat time for reflection not as a luxury, but as a necessity.  Adults can […]

Transformational Leaders Institute: A Systems Approach to Transforming Schools, Classrooms, and People

“…we need to examine the institutional forces and traditions that prevent us from having an unimpeded view of our current reality and thus form a barrier to constructive improvement. (9)”  Schmoker, M. J. (2006). Results now. Alexandria, VA: ASCD Mike Schmoker’s relentless persistence to transform schools shines through in his book, Results Now: How We […]

Reflections from an EOC Parent, Part 1

Author:  Collections compiled from a team of Education Specialists Educators in the state of Texas have undergone quite a few transitions as of late, none-the-least of which was the implementation of STAAR, the new state assessment program.  STAAR arrived with its own unique set of acronyms, characteristics, rules, guidelines, training modules, passing labels and much […]

Section 504 FAQ

 Authors:  Susan Patteson and Judy Butler FAQs What is the purpose of Section 504? Section 504′s main emphasis in the schools is equal educational opportunity, which is mainly accomplished by providing appropriate classroom accommodations to eligible disabled students. Section 504 also requires that eligible students are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in school extracurricular […]

Leadership and Supervision

Author:  Dr. Lauralee Pankonien, Senior Coordinator for Educator Quality and Diane Potter, Coordinator for Administrator Quality Tags: There are a multitude of hats worn by campus leaders, so many that it is often difficult to decide which one is the most important or how to decide where to begin.  So let’s start with the assumption, based […]

Putting PD back into PDAS

Feeling stressed out by the mountain of data piled up on your desk?  While the AEIS Reports, report cards, benchmark tests, and a wealth of other data can sometimes seem overwhelming, they offer school leaders the critical information that informs powerful decisions for individual, campus and district improvement.  In fact, these data sources provide the […]

Administrators: Focus on Supporting Differentiation

As an administrator, you understand the importance of differentiation in the classrooms of your school as a way to improve student achievement for all students.  You know that, as the instructional leader, your role is to make sure that differentiatio…

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