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More than 1 million ELLs…

…attend Texas Public Schools Pre-K through Grade 12 according to a profile created by E3 Alliance, a regional education collaborative.  In the 2016-17 school year, 90% of ELLs in Texas spoke Spanish as their first language. The other 100,000+ claimed more than 130 additional languages as their L1. Central Texas as defined by E3, proudly serves …

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SHARS Reporting Requirement Due October 31., 2017

TEA issued a TAA Letter on September 15, 2017 reminding LEAs of a SHARS Reporting Requirement.  Deadline for submitting report: October 31, 2017. All LEAs that received IDEA-B grant funding in the 2016–2017 school year must submit the SHARS Reimbursement Report Survey, regardless of whether they received SHARS reimbursements. Information will be used in the […]

Build Meaningful Structured Reading Into Your Content Area Now

ReadWorks created “Article-A-Day” to help teachers connect content to best practice reading activities. These texts are categorized not only by content area, but by grade level, making differentiation easy.  Subscribe and use these daily articles in your existing reading activity OR try their step-by-step activity here. The exercise is quick, and features opportunities for students …

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NEW Early Childhood Outcomes and PreKindergarten Guidelines Alignment

Updated with the Revised 2015 Texas PreKindergarten Guidelines! Design your preschool instruction to align with the Texas Education Agency’s prekindergarten guidelines and early childhood outcomes. This document aligns each prekindergarten guideline to one or more of the three early childhood outcomes. In addition, it suggests appropriate goals and interventions for children with learning differences. For […]

2018 STAAR Accommodation Updates

TEA has shared updated information on 2018 statewide assessment accommodation policies. New for 2018: Accessibility Features: A sticky notes tool was added to the online system. The use of amplification and projection devices was changed from designated supports to accessibility features. Designated Supports: Content and language supports were combined into one embedded support. A spell […]

TED Tips: Supported Decision-Making

Senate Bill 748 revised TEC 29.011, TEC 29.0112 and TEC 29.017 to reflect the supported decision-making agreements available under Chapter 1357 of the Estates Code. As part of transition planning, schools will be required to provide information and resources on supported decision-making agreements. For help in understanding and sharing information about alternatives to guardianship (including […]

A Day in the Life of a Behavior Coordinator

There you are with your clean desk, sharpened pencils, empty inbox of emails and you think you are all set to rock this school year as the newly designated Behavior Coordinator for your campus. Most of you are probably an Assistant Principal too, and grappling with all the responsibilities that come with that job. But …

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TED Tips: SB 748

Senate Bill 748, relating to transition planning, was passed by the 85th Texas Legislature. While the act went into effect on the date it was signed into law (June 9, 2017), the revised rules will apply beginning with the 2018-19 school year. This new law amends TEC §29.011, TEC §29.0112, and TEC §29.017. Check out […]

What is Rider 78?

Rider 78, was passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, 2017, and signed by Governor Abbott on June 12, 2017. Rider 78 ensures that state-funded prekindergarten programs implement high-quality prekindergarten consistent with the High-Quality Prekindergarten program requirements in Texas Education Code (TEC) §29.167 – 29.171 and consistent with the provisions of TEC Chapters 41 and 42. These […]

Discover how closer community ties improve outcomes for Hispanic ELLs

Throughout the US, bilingual and Spanish-speaking families now make up a big part of communities and school. As such, they also need to feel just as validated and important in both as does the dominant majority. In terms of schooling, the Magnet Schools of America Association suggests the following specific back-to-school family and community engagement …

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