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The Leader I Always Want To Be

I am sure you’ve had the experience during your leadership journey where you have dreamed of being effective at helping your staff continue to grow, develop and reach their highest potential, right?  Of course you have. Right? For me, this is an experience and thought from which I can’t escape.  For me, I don’t go […]

Take My Advice…Or Not

I read a blog post by Keith Webb that resonated with me.  The post centered on not being attached to the advice you give. Think about all of the time we as leaders have been asked for our advice.   “What should I do about…?” or “Would it be better if I…” and of course, “What […]

The Coaching Principal

For months now I have been reflecting on the notion of coaching and how coaching has played a role in the work of the campus principal.  This is especially important, as teacher appraisal instruments require the principal to engage in coaching and conferencing activities with their teachers in a more profound way. Some leaders might […]

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