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Why We Filter Out: Understanding the Affective Filter

AUTHOR: Seth Herrington, Bilingual/ESL Education Specialist Educators spend countless hours developing engaging and interactive lessons for students. They pour over curriculum, participate in PLC’s, refine lesson plans through peer-review, and scour the internet for resources that will make the content delivery comprehensible for their students. Despite the deep level of care taken to plan a […]

Best Practices for Teaching Beginner English Language Learners (ELLs) at the Secondary Level

Author:   Oryan Landa, ESL Instructional Coach    A LOOK AT OUR INTERVENTIONS Walk into just about any secondary campus today and you are bound to find a teacher wondering what to do with a student who doesn’t speak English. And for a teacher who might have a class of 30 students, knowing how to meet […]

Getting to Know your English Language Learners

Author:   Janet O’Keeffe  Project Coordinator, ESL/Bilingual Programs Another school year is beginning and there are so many things teachers are responsible for as they prepare for a new group of students.  Teachers are anxious to get their class rosters to find out which students they will be working with during the new school year.  As […]

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