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Preparing for the Reading and Writing STAAR the Smart Way

AUTHOR: Janet Hester, Secondary ELAR Specialist Begin at the Beginning: The STAAR-Prep Dilemma What do we do when students enter our classrooms lacking confidence and fluency in writing? For many schools and districts in Texas, the attempted answer to this skills deficit has been to drill students on writing the STAAR tasks over and over again. […]

Teaching Science in the Early Childhood Classroom

AUTHOR: Aliza Rivera, Early Childhood Specialist I can remember when the idea of teaching science to a room full of 4 year-olds terrified me. My fear often led to science activities that were either “safe,” not messy, or often underdeveloped. Students tended to overlook my science center and it was not utilized enough by my […]

An Appeal to Instructional Leaders Everywhere

AUTHOR: Judy Butler, Educational Specialist: Dyslexia & Related Disorders What Research has to Say About Reading Instruction, Fourth Edition, edited by S. Jay Samuels and Alan E. Farstrup, copyright 2011 provides insight into how we could more effectively build reading curricula. To be sure, developing and teaching curricula that integrate the most complex brain processes […]

Texas SUCCESS Training Sessions

            We are pleased to offer districts two FREE training sessions to help you take your Texas SUCCESS implementation to the next level.  Please join representatives from Istation Reading and Think Through Math on November 21, 2013 for T…

New: Inclusion Support for ELAR Teachers

If you are teaching students with disabilities in an inclusion setting, either as a Special Education teacher or as a General Education teacher, Region 13 would like to encourage you to attend our new workshop: Accessing the General Curriculum in Engli…

Aurasma in your Classroom

These kids are in Doncaster, UK and they used Aurasma to make a few projects. Book reports, reports on famous people, science fair presentations… The possibilities are endless.  Check it out!

Exploring Integration in Elementary Curriculum, Part 2

Author:  Lori Reemts – Education Specialist: Elementary Generalist   Part 1 of this series focused on laying the foundation and seeking common language when referring to integration. There are as many ways to connect and integrate ideas as there are ideas themselves.  By defining differences between Curriculum Integration, which can be found described on documents and […]

Score Point 2: The “Evolution” from Somewhat Effective to Basic

Author: Susan Diaz, Secondary Literacy Education Specialist This past week, I presented a workshop on expository writing in which I used the scoring guides released by T.E.A. to do anchoring and range-finding with participants.  After combing through several of the score point 2 essays, one of my participants had an epiphany:  “These 2’s aren’t very […]

Route 66 Literacy Program

New Route 66 Literacy Program for adolescent and adult beginning readers.  Teachers can sign up for a FREE 45-day trial. Key benefits: Reading, writing, and word study in a flexible, dynamic, internet-based instruction Age, interest, and ability-appro…

Accessible Class Notes

Accessible Classnotes is a great website created by students from across the world to share their course notes, audio recordings, etc. to help improve opportunities for equal education.  This is a great resource for your students!  http://www.inclusi…

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