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Anchor Charts: Let the Walls Teach

AUTHOR: Esmeralda Alday, Bilingual One of the first things I notice when I walk into a classroom is a teacher’s use of wall space. Having always taught multiple grade levels – in some of the smallest classrooms on campus – in one school year, I had to learn how to maximize the little wall space […]

Tranlanguaging – Normal Bilingual Discourse

AUTHOR: Ivonne Santiago, Bilingual/ESL Specialist Translanguaging refers to the language practices of bilingual people. Cen Williams first coined the term in 1994, referring to a pedagogical practice in which students alternated between languages for the purposes of receptive or productive use. Students may have been asked to read in English and write in Welsh and […]

Why We Filter Out: Understanding the Affective Filter

AUTHOR: Seth Herrington, Bilingual/ESL Education Specialist Educators spend countless hours developing engaging and interactive lessons for students. They pour over curriculum, participate in PLC’s, refine lesson plans through peer-review, and scour the internet for resources that will make the content delivery comprehensible for their students. Despite the deep level of care taken to plan a […]

Long Term English Language Learners

Author: Anna Briggs, ESL Education Specialist As the number of English Language Learners in the U.S. continues to increase, we are learning that the fastest growing segment of this population in our secondary schools is comprised of Long -Term ELLs. These are students who have been in U.S. schools for more than six years without […]

Need to simplify a text? Want to help students access reading material online?

Check out the website!  The website will scan a piece of text and simplify the more difficult language to improve a student’s access to the content.  You can choose from several different levels and ways you would like it to be viewed…

Project Share Courses

Attached you will find a list of all of the courses that are available in Project Share. These courses are self paced and free of charge for all Texas educators. Each course has a link in which an individual can simply click and join by following a few…

Eight Language Program Models: Four Linguistic Roads

Author: Tracy Dennis, Bilingual/ESL Education Specialist All students must travel down the educational super highway. However, English language learners (ELL) must be diverted down different educational roads in order to keep up with the regular population. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 fired up states, districts, and schools to construct and/or reconstruct alternate […]

Designing a Campus Task Force to Increase Parental Involvement Among Latino Families

Author:  Trish Flores, Bilingual/ESL Specialist   It is evident that our schools are becoming increasingly diverse with students from different nationalities and language backgrounds represented.  Of these groups, Latinos account for the highest growth rate in the last 40 years.  Latinos are the second largest minority group in the United States and it is projected […]

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