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The Need for Bilingual Education in Texas Today

AUTHOR: Trish Flores, Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction Bilingual education is a high needs area felt by many school districts across the country.  In particular, it is a high needs area for Texas due to the increase of second language learners migrating to this area of the country. Many people may ask themselves, why do we […]

How to Create an Anchor Activity Using a Tic/Tac/Toe Board

AUTHOR: Virginia Keasler and Mary Headley, Math Specialists How do we teach math to the wide range of diverse learners in today’s classroom? It is often difficult to match the readiness levels of every student and knowing where to start can be a challenge. Consider starting simple and celebrating successes along the way. Anchor activities […]

Place Markers: An Effective Reading Strategy Tool for Distracted Readers

AUTHOR: Holly Salas, Instructional and Write for Texas Coach Teaching children to read involves countless variables. However, strategies to teach comprehension, fluency, accuracy, etc., cannot be effective with students who are disengaged. Teachers regularly instruct students who are sleepy, ill, hungry, disinterested, or distracted. Often, a student’s distractibility is the result of a disability. Whatever […]

Let’s PLAY!

AUTHOR: Lori Reemts, Project Coordinator – Curriculum & Instruction As adults, we long for the long weekend or holiday because we are eager for a brain break, a new adventure, or a chance to play in life. Play is our departure, our recreation, and sometimes our connection to the inner child or to memory lane. […]

Reuse, Recycle: Word Clouds in the Classroom

Author: Dana Ellis, Educational Specialist: Instructional Coach Teachers are naturally resourceful. With limited budgets, they have to be. A search engine query for educational projects using recycled materials will produce an abundance of links and images from preschool art projects to high school physics contraptions. Teacher ingenuity is not restricted to paper towel rolls and plastic […]

Connected Learning — a Framework for Innovation in the Classroom

Author: Jennifer Woollven, Education Specialist, Instructional Technology There is a lot of talk in the world of education about 21st century skills and preparing our students for a new world — plenty of inspiring (and not so inspiring) 21st century videos can be found on Youtube. Online tools and platforms available to teachers can be […]

Science in the Age of Globalization

Author: Jennifer Jordan-Kaszuba, Secondary Science Specialist The world is shrinking, not in the literal sense, but in the sense that increasingly academic endeavors and businesses are global in nature.  Researchers around the world collaborate, sharing techniques, data and conclusions.  Businesses rely on products and services from across the globe and offer their goods internationally.  Technology […]

Time to Dive into the 21st Century

Author: Jennifer Woollven, Instructional Technology Specialist Digital matters. There really is no getting around this.  Fears about connectivity and Internet safety are no longer excuses that we, as educators, can hide behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing that these issues are not real or that they are minor and should be ignored, but […]

Broadband is Key

Author:  Matt Holloway, Education Specialist, Special Education Broadband has become as essential to our schools as water or electricity. – Culatta, Richard, acting director of the U.S.  Department of Educational Technology.  Emerging Technology Panel.  SXSWedu.  Austin, TX, 5 March, 2013.   As more and more is asked of teachers in terms of instructional accountability, rigor […]

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