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Integration is Essential

Author: Jennifer Jordan-Kaszuba, Secondary Science Specialist   Integration of science process skills within the teaching of science concepts is essential for students to truly grasp the nature of science.  Teaching skills or concepts in isolation is no longer a viable option.  Including a beginning of school year unit on science skills in a scope and […]

Teaching with Aurasma

For our last post before the May ICN, we wanted to give you a view of real folks using this in teaching.  Check out this video of practical applications of Aurasma in your classroom from YouTube users TexanTutorialsGov. They offer augmented reality ap…

Aurasma in your Classroom

These kids are in Doncaster, UK and they used Aurasma to make a few projects. Book reports, reports on famous people, science fair presentations… The possibilities are endless.  Check it out!

Exploring Integration in Elementary Curriculum, Part 4

Author:  Lori Reemts, Education Specialist: Elementary Generalist   As this series on exploring integration winds down, it is a great time to recap three major areas as well as add a few closing remarks addressing the question “So now what?”  Thinking back to the first installment , we began by creating a common working definition of […]

Exploring Integration in Elementary Curriculum, Part 3

Author: Lori Reemts, Education Specialist: Elementary Generalist   In the first two installments, this series visited integration by creating a working definition and common language to guide the reader through the series with the intended understanding.  Descriptions and examples were given to identify both Direct (Explicit) Support and Purposeful Awareness.  These prove to be excellent […]

Exploring Integration in Elementary Curriculum, Part 2

Author:  Lori Reemts – Education Specialist: Elementary Generalist   Part 1 of this series focused on laying the foundation and seeking common language when referring to integration. There are as many ways to connect and integrate ideas as there are ideas themselves.  By defining differences between Curriculum Integration, which can be found described on documents and […]

Making Connections: Points of Instructional Integration and Skill Building

Our goal as educators is that our students grow into productive citizens with a wealth of skills to draw from. We want to foster learning so that students are critical thinkers and problem solvers who are able to make connections and apply their learni…

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