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The Value of Student Questions

When young children want to know something they ask lots of questions. We’ve all had some experience with this right?  Recently, while spending some extended time with my family I had this experience with my 3-year-old niece. You can probably imagine our conversation.  It went something like this: Nella:  What are you making Auntie? (In her sweet, 3-year-old voice) Me: […]

Remember the Small Moments

This morning I was touched by a story. Not by one I read but by one I had lived and written. It was the story of an incident I had preparing for Back to School Night a few years ago in the early days of my principalship.  The incident I had, in and of itself, […]

The Leader I Always Want To Be

I am sure you’ve had the experience during your leadership journey where you have dreamed of being effective at helping your staff continue to grow, develop and reach their highest potential, right?  Of course you have. Right? For me, this is an experience and thought from which I can’t escape.  For me, I don’t go […]

So Many Core Values and Beliefs: One Unified School Vision (Guest Post-Anna Warren)

Back in September, I wrote about the importance of school leaders reflecting upon their own core values and beliefs, as an important first step in leading a school. Why? Because we don’t leave our experiences, our philosophies, or our personalities at home when we put on our school leader hats. Teachers don’t either. School staffs […]

Now What? Shock-tober Is Over

One of the toughest months in school (“Shock-tober”) is now over.  Now what?  How do we pick up the pieces?  This morning I read a post from a principal who talked about her love for this time of the year and how she fed off that love to bring joy and new energy to her […]

Choose Your Wolf

Caroline Smith’s article “8 Ways to Improve Self-Regulation” (from MindTools) stuck a cord with me. In her post she made reference to the Native American Story of Two Wolves in which a grandfather explains the two natures inside of us that battles: one is angry, resentful and proud and the other is peaceful, generous and […]

Student Learning…

As campus principal, nothing was more rewarding than listening to students talk about their work and learning.  Being able to hear their excitement and feel their passion was simply amazing and was what makes being an educator so special. Today I hel…

What If…

This week was “Pop Up Week” here at Region 13.  “Pop Up Week” is an opportunity for staff from any department to select a topic and present that topic to staff.  Presentations are as long as 55 minutes but could be shorter.  …

School Has Started, Now What?

We are approaching that critical period in school when you often hear educators say, “The honeymoon is over!”  Even the most prepared and experienced have wondered if this were true when their best laid out plans begin to show cracks. As …

Principals Are People Too

A group of connected principals from across the country agreed to blog on the topic Principals Are People Too.  Each shared powerful reflections on the human side of being a principal.  These reflections demonstrate the need for principals to work …

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