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3 Cyberbullying Tactics to Watch Out For

Cyberbullying is a huge problem our students face daily. With the rise of smartphones and social media your students are communicating 24/7 with each other and others across the world. This means that it’s even easier for bullying to occur. This type of bullying is often persistent, permanent, and hard for us to notice. An […]

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Personal Accounts: Trauma and SEL

Today our specialist, Monica Kurtz gives us her thoughts on trauma and the importance of teaching Social Emotional Learning in our schools. School shootings.  Outrage. Fear. Helplessness.  My newsfeed is filled with almost daily reports of another shooting, more victims.  More death. Working in a school, particularly in behavior, I have worked with students that …

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Why we Should all Practice Self-Compassion

It’s hard for us to master self-compassion. We’re constantly being told that we’re not good enough and that we need to change. Whether we’re in line at the grocery store, listening to the radio, browsing around on facebook, snapchat, instagram, or twitter, there are always sources telling us to change. We’re bombarded by advertisements telling …

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The Value of Soft Skills for Students

More and more schools and school districts are engaging in dialogue around the benefits of soft skills for students amid the goals and expectations of high academic achievement. However, we know that colleges and employers expect more soft skills in conjunction with academic knowledge. They ask: Do you possess integrity? How well do you work […]

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