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Broadband Is Key Best Practices for Teaching Beginner English Language Learners (ELLs) at the Secondary Level Ring Out the Old, and Ring in the New Teacher Appraisal Pilot Update OnTRACK Social Studies Lessons Now Available! Exploring Integration in the Elementary Curriculum, Part 4 Designing a Campus Task Force to Increase Parental Involvement Among Latino Families […]

Broadband is Key

Author:  Matt Holloway, Education Specialist, Special Education Broadband has become as essential to our schools as water or electricity. – Culatta, Richard, acting director of the U.S.  Department of Educational Technology.  Emerging Technology Panel.  SXSWedu.  Austin, TX, 5 March, 2013.   As more and more is asked of teachers in terms of instructional accountability, rigor […]

Best Practices for Teaching Beginner English Language Learners (ELLs) at the Secondary Level

Author:   Oryan Landa, ESL Instructional Coach    A LOOK AT OUR INTERVENTIONS Walk into just about any secondary campus today and you are bound to find a teacher wondering what to do with a student who doesn’t speak English. And for a teacher who might have a class of 30 students, knowing how to meet […]

Ring Out the Old, and Ring in the New

Author: Fredric Noriega, Secondary Mathematics Specialist On April 20, 2012 the State Board of Education approved revisions to the Mathematics TEKS; in other words, Math is getting new TEKS! The new Math TEKS apply to grades K-8, and most high school math courses. A complete list of the new TEKS can be found at […]

Teacher Appraisal Pilot Update

Author:  Lauralee Pankonien, Senior Coordinator for Certification Administration Pilot Background In April 2012 the Texas Education Agency (TEA) asked eligible campuses to indicate their interest in a pilot project for teacher appraisal.  Working in partnership with TEA, Education Service Center Region 13 requested proposals from vendors able to provide a rigorous, validated appraisal model for […]

OnTRACK Social Studies Lessons Now Available!

Author: Rachel Hernandez, Social Studies Education Specialist OnTRACK courses for World Geography, World History and high school U.S. History have been made available through TEA’s Project Share initiative.  These lessons are intended to supplement classroom instruction and provide teachers and students with a resource for intervention.  Teachers in K-12 public and charter schools currently have […]

Exploring Integration in Elementary Curriculum, Part 4

Author:  Lori Reemts, Education Specialist: Elementary Generalist   As this series on exploring integration winds down, it is a great time to recap three major areas as well as add a few closing remarks addressing the question “So now what?”  Thinking back to the first installment , we began by creating a common working definition of […]

Designing a Campus Task Force to Increase Parental Involvement Among Latino Families

Author:  Trish Flores, Bilingual/ESL Specialist   It is evident that our schools are becoming increasingly diverse with students from different nationalities and language backgrounds represented.  Of these groups, Latinos account for the highest growth rate in the last 40 years.  Latinos are the second largest minority group in the United States and it is projected […]

Reflections from an EOC Parent, Part 4

Author: Collections compiled from team of Education Specialists   In previous In-Sight newsletters this academic year, we have featured reflections from “EOC Parents,” or parents of current high school sophomores. These students and families have entered the new assessment system, or STAAR, as full-force as those of us working in the education profession. Last year’s freshmen, […]

Instructional Coaching to Improve Student Learning and Close Achievement Gaps

Author: Mandy Sargent, Region 13 PLC Specialist, Instructional Programs and Initiatives   Harry Wong says, “Quality teaching is the most critical means by which to improve student learning and to close achievement gaps. You achieve student success through teacher success.”  (The First Days of School, 2009)  If the number one way to improve student success […]

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