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TEA 2018 Statewide Federal Grants Training: Highlights

TEA will post a final revised presentation after the 3rd statewide training on October 12 at: 2017-2018 IDEA-B Formula & Preschool: LEAs will…

Time & Effort Reporting: Substitute System

In a letter dated August 2, 2018, TEA notified LEAs it is now processing requests to use the Substitute System of Federal Time and Effort Reporting for 2018-2019. All Texas LEAs, including open-enrollment charter schools, may use the substitute system….

Travel and Mileage Reimbursement

Click on the link below to see new Texas Education Agency Correspondence. Travel and Mileage Reimbursement ESC 13 SPED Funding:

Federal Carryover Reports in GFFC Reports and Data Collection

TEA Division of Grants Administration sent this notice on 12/21/2015. TEA has published a report for each individual LEA detailing the amount of federal carryover funds that have been made available to the LEA. The federal carryover amount report is now available through TEAL in the GFFC Reports and Data Collections secure application. To Access […]

Excessive IDEA-B Carryover Defined by TEA as 50% or more

Excess Carryover As Risk Indicator Section 200.205 of Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations requires the US Department of Education to evaluate the risks posed by applicants before they can receive Federal awards. As an applicant, TEA must demonstrate a satisfactory record of managing federal grants in order to be eligible to receive […]

2015-16 Final Entitlements and 2014-15 Carryover Amounts

Final amounts for programs in the 2015-2016 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application are now available on the Division of Grants Administration Federal Entitlements web page. TEA staff will initiate budget adjustments to the largest budgeted class/object code to incorporate the final amounts and any carryover amounts. The LEA’s approved budget, reflected on Schedule BS6006—Program Budget […]

Approval of Private Nonprofit Equitable Services and Parent Involvement Activities

Effective November 20, 2015, TEA is providing approval of the following types of activities that require prior approval under 2 CFR 200.456. * Equitable services to private nonprofit schools that are required, and therefore allowable, under federal program statute; this includes registration and travel costs for participating in allowable professional development activities * Parental involvement […]

Travel and Mileage Reimbursement

The following new Texas Education Agency Correspondence has been posted at the TEA website: Travel and Mileage Reimbursement Please note: Written travel policies are required. SPED Funding Contact:  

Public Review and Comment Period: Proposed Texas Application for IDEA-B Funds

Deadline for Submitting Public Comment: March 31, 2015 For the state of Texas to receive its IDEA Part B grant funds each federal fiscal year, TEA must complete an application packet and submit it to the USDE Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Prior to submission to OSEP, the State Application (Texas) will be available for public […]

2014-15 IDEA-B Maximum Entitlements and 2013-14 Carryover

Maximum entitlements for programs in the 2014-2015 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application are expected to be made available in eGrants and posted on November 25, 2014. TEA staff will initiate budget adjustments to the largest budgeted class/o…

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