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Upcoming events for starting school

Do you hear that? Very faintly, if you listen really closely, you can hear the sounds of students filling the hallways. The first day of school is less than a month away; summer is almost gone! While we will all certainly be happy to see the temperature start to drop, being prepared for the return […]

Alphabet Soup of Meetings

With all the different methods to attend or connect to a meeting remotely, what’s with all these terms for the types of meetings? Meeting labels tend to get used interchangeably, causing confusion from the requester as well as the distance learning staff that is trying to figure out what is being requested. It can make […]

When will video conferences be accepted?

With great fanfare, many people connect via Skype to each other and then to other family members across the US. People with new webcams reach out and “touch someone” as often as they can. I’ve seen the same curve of use in classrooms, too. The newly inspired teacher or tech person finds all the virtual […]

Video Conference Equipment Considerations

After receiving calls from districts asking for advice as they look for video conference equipment as a way to help reduce travel budgets, and provide better student access to information and experts on relevant subject matter, I decided that I would put my advice into the blog. When trying to decide on technology needs, do […]

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