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What is Typing Assistance, and How can it be Used for the 4th Grade Writing STAAR?

Typing assistance is one of several accessibility features that your students can use during the 4th Grade Writing STAAR Test. Typing assistance means that a test administrator can transcribe a student’s response to the writing prompt into the online testing platform. Your 4th grade students who are taking the STAAR test online and can’t type […]

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PD Opportunity: Literacy through the Content Area in a Bilingual Classroom

In a bilingual classroom setting, the literacy skills of reading and writing are often overlooked in the core content areas outside of the English Language Arts. This training will guide teachers in ensuring that key literacy skills are integrated into the science, social studies, and math lessons. We will draw from Kathy Escamilla’s Biliteracy from the […]

Poetry Please

AUTHOR: Laura Lee Stroud, Elementary ELAR Specialist An Abandoned Tool Past U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins says “High school is where poetry goes to die” because it is there that many students inadvertently learn that poetry isn’t relevant to their lives. Oftentimes in working with these teachers we find that poetry remains buried and absent […]

Early Childhood Summer PD Opportunities

May and Summer PD Opportunities + TEA Reading Academies

Distinguished Speaker Series Welcomes Linda Christensen Date: May 18 Cost: $155.00 CPE: 6 hours Workshop ID: SP1633543 Description: Writing Essays That Matter in Language Arts and Social Studies In this session, Linda Christensen creates a framework for exploring stories from marginalized voices often silenced by traditional textbooks and literature. Participants will experience a historical “tea […]

Register now for the Sheltered Instruction Conference 2016!

Join us on Thursday, June 9, 2016 for Region 13’s second Sheltered Instruction Conference! This year, in addition to dynamic and engaging sessions for teachers of ELLs, we will also be featuring a unique lens for Bilingual/ESL administrators! For teachers, the schedule will include sessions on effective ELL engagement strategies, literacy skills, interactive notebooks, anchor […]

STAAR Writing Review Tips & Spring and Summer PD Opportunities

5 Things To Remember about Writing Review before STAAR Now is the time to remind our kids: they are strong writers that have a wealth of information to connect to any prompt on test day. Here are five reminders for TEACHERS to augment our work before STAAR Writing and EOC test day! 1. We should […]

Preparing for the Reading and Writing STAAR the Smart Way

AUTHOR: Janet Hester, Secondary ELAR Specialist Begin at the Beginning: The STAAR-Prep Dilemma What do we do when students enter our classrooms lacking confidence and fluency in writing? For many schools and districts in Texas, the attempted answer to this skills deficit has been to drill students on writing the STAAR tasks over and over again. […]

Anchor Charts: Let the Walls Teach

One of the first things I notice when I walk into a classroom is a teacher’s use of wall space. Having always taught multiple grade levels – in some of the smallest classrooms on campus-in one school year, I had to learn how to maximize the little wall space I had available. I learned a […]

What If? Whiteboard Scenarios in Science Education

AUTHOR: Shawna Wiebusch, Secondary Science Education Specialist One of our tasks as science teachers is to teach students about inquiry, patterns, and causality. The TEKS, across many grade levels, call for students to analyze, evaluate, make inferences, predict trends, and to critique scientific explanations. They also expect students to communicate scientific findings and explore the […]

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