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Graduation Changes for Students with IEPs

The new STAAR EOC assessments and the revisions to Commissioner’s Rule 89.1070 will impact ARD committee decisions this spring. What should districts and campuses do now to prepare for the 2011-12 school year?

Guidance from TEA related to these changes is still pending.  ESC Region XIII has created two documents to help districts begin to address the new rules and assessments. Use the following links to access the documents:

Graduation Changes_Spring_2011

89.1070_Rules Change_Winter 2011

Who Can I Contact at Region XIII?
For questions related to graduation for students with IEPs:

Elizabeth Schroeder
Education Specialist for Transition

For questions related to graduation requirements for all students:

Jan Boeckel
Education Specialist for Counseling

For questions related to accommodations/modifications for instruction and assessment:

Cathy Miller
Education Specialist for Access to General Curriculum (AGC)

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2 Responses to “Graduation Changes for Students with IEPs”

  1. Linda M says:

    How will EOC requirements affect the current practice of students’ meeting graduation standards by completing their IEP’s? More specifically, an 8th grade student who has never passed TAKS is now moving to high school and as a 9th grader in 2011-13 will be required to take EOCs. The student has an identified disability that directly affects recall but yet he functions at a high enough level that precludes both accommodated and modified tests. Does the ARD committee still have the authority to verify that a student meets graduation standards by completing an IEP without meeting a cumulative EOC standard?

  2. jdrumm says:

    “This sounds like a student who will not meet participation requirements for either of the alternate assessments, thus will take the general STAAR EOCs.
    That student is eligible to graduate under option (b)(1) or (b)(2) for 89.1070 (i.e., DAP, RHSP, or MHSP with accommodations only).

    The wording in 89.1070 (b)(2) specifies that “The student’s admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee will determine whether satisfactory performance on the required state assessments is necessary for graduation.” That means that the student can graduate through MHSP by participating in (but not necessarily meeting the standard for) the state assessments. If the student wants to graduate through RHSP or DAP they will need to meet all the requirements and standards for the state assessments.

    This is not considered “graduating by IEP,” which is terminology sometimes used when referring to option (b)(3).

    Flowchart A and B in the 2011-12 ARD Committee Decision-Making Guide will help to clarify this issue. Those charts are being revised by TEA to reflect the new rules and assessments. The charts are expected to be published to the TEA Student Assessment website sometime during summer 2011.”


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