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Did you know that you could have a Region XIII Instructional Coach come to your campus and work with a team of your teachers throughout the 2011-2012 school year for as little as $3000?

 Region XIII Instructional Coaches have been very successful at raising TAKS scores, lowering teacher churning rates, and creating a more collaborative environment!

 These services include a highly qualified and skilled Region XIII Instructional Coach using your campus data and interviews to identify targeted goals for the year. Coach and teachers would create individualized plans for instructional growth targeted around improving student learning. The Instructional Coach will meet on scheduled days with each teacher and/or team to work on instruction, assessment, classroom management, etc. Coaches will model, co-teach, plan, observe, debrief, etc. They will also meet with the administrator to go over coaching goals and progress.

Sample coaching plans and costs:

Schedule: Cost:

1 visit per six weeks $3000

1 visit per month $5000

1 visit per three weeks $6000

1 visit per two weeks $9000

1 visit per week $18,000

 For more information, please contact Lisa Wyatt, Project Coordinator in Academic Services. Coaching assignments and contracts need to be scheduled ASAP!



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