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Implementing Rigor In Social Studies

At Curriculum Council this morning Rachel Hernandez presented information regarding implementation of the TEKS in Social Studies with a focus on rigor. Below are two sessions that will assist teachers in this process.

Hemisphere’s Presents: Teaching with Primary Sources

This hands-on training workshop will discuss the use and analysis of primary documents, reading for bias, analyzing photographs and drawings, etc. and introduce attendees to the Library of Congress website and guide them through accessing the materials that will be used. The second portion of the workshop will involve content training, introducing selected documents on world studies themes (selected by Hemispheres), and familiarizing attendees with the contextualization materials and how to incorporate them into the classroom.

Most appropriate for World Cultures, World Geography, and World History teachers. 

Lunch will be provided.

February 22, 2012
Workshop ID: SP1222647
Cost $25.00

DBQ for the Social Studies and ELA Classroom

The DBQ project is an effort to make good critical thinking exercises available to all Social Studies and ELA students.  In this one-day workshop, teachers will walk through a series of Social Studies DBQ (Document Based Questions) exercises on critical thinking and explore ways to help students through primary source usage, factual accuracy, main idea extraction, making inferences, and document analysis.  All teachers will benefit from the strategies used to initiate expository and persuasive writing in the classroom.  This offering encourages teacher collaboration to engage ALL students in high-level critical thinking and writing activities that endorse college and career readiness standards. (Teachers who attend this workshop can attend the DBQ Follow-up workshop at no cost.  DBQ Follow-Up to be held on June 14, 2012.) 
Social Studies and ELA teacher teams are encouraged to attend together. Team attendance is not a requirement for the course.  A $40.00 discount will be applied to pairs (2) of teachers from the same school.

April 10, 2012
Workshop ID: SP1223152
Cost: $150.00

For more information and registration, go to https://ecampus.esc13.net/login.html


Rachel Hernandez, M.Ed.
Education Specialist, K-12 Social Studies

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