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Literacy PD Opportunities: Grammar, Expository Writing, and Persuasive Writing

There are some exciting PD sessions coming up in the next two weeks!
Check them out!

**Please note that this information has also been shared previously through the literacy listserv. (http://www5.esc13.net/curriculum_instruction/signup.html)

Teaching Grammar in the Writing Process (grades 3-8)
What: Grammar is often taught as a discrete set of rigid rules to be memorized, practiced, and followed. If educators can no longer afford to assume that students acquire an accurate understanding of formal language structures through reading, writing, and speaking, then how do we explicitly teach grammar in meaningful ways?
When: February 23, 2012
Where: ESC Region XIII
Cost: $70 or free for those who have attended TALA
Workshop ID: SP1221401
Expository Writing (grades 3-9)
What: There is an increased emphasis on expository writing as seen on the STAAR test and ELAR TEKS.  In this workshop teachers will learn about  strategies and lessons to use with their students as they integrate the genre of expository writing into their Writing Workshop.
When: February 25, 2012
Where: ESC Region XIII
Cost: $70 or free for those who have attended TALA
Workshop ID: SP1223136
Reading and Writing Persuasive Texts (grades 5-8)
What: Why should you attend this workshop on persuasion in the ELA classroom?  First of all, it’s the TEKS (logos).  Next, the presenters are rhetoric experts (ethos).  Finally, it’ll be fun (pathos)!  Come join us and learn how to get anything you want by using Aristotle’s rhetorical transaction (also known as persuasive techniques)!
When: February 29, 2012
Where: ESC Region XIII
Cost: Free!
Workshop ID: SP1223148
Login and register online through E-campus: https://ecampus.esc13.net
For more information regarding registration please contact Megan Pace at the information below.  For more information regarding content please contact Stephanie Heinchon or Susan Diaz.
Have a nice day!
Susan Diaz
Secondary Literacy Specialist
Stephanie Heinchon
Elementary Literacy Specialist
Megan Pace
Literacy Program Assistant

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