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Engineering is Elementary

Join us on MARCH 4th for an exciting adventure into the world of Engineering is Elementary!

Engineering Adventures (EA) is a fun, engaging, hands-on, design curriculum by the Engineering is Elementary team at Museum of Science, Boston for use in out-of-school-time (OST) settings such as after-school and camp programs.

EA challenges children to solve design challenges using creativity, teamwork, science, and engineering. EA is arranged as a series of thematic units, each focusing on a field of engineering.

Each adventure includes:

• Multicultural and real-life contexts for problems • 10-12 hours of activities with flexible scheduling options • A brief share-out activity to start each session. This activity allows children to share their preconceptions related to the day’s topic, and uses them about the activity’s focus • Science activities during which children learn information to help them with their design challenge • Engineering activities in which children explore the engineering field of focus for the unit • A design challenge engages children in the Engineering Design Process, asking them to apply the science and engineering they have gained • Suggestions for language arts, fine arts, culture, cooking, and community group extensions and connections for each unit

Come explore Bubble Bonanza on March 4th and begin your program the very next week!  This is a GREAT way to support the TEKS in multiple content areas, engage students in authentic critical thinking and collaboration, and have fun!

Participants will receive all necessary print materials, experience the adventures, and be prepared to lead the program and students at their own site.  Register now to secure a seat!

Register via E-Campus using Workshop # SP1325753 today!

For you to download:

EiE Engineering Adventures     EiE Engineering Adventures

Spring Summer 13_EIE  Spring Summer 13_EIE

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