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Paraprofessional Certification and Substitute Teacher Training


ESC Region 13 is pleased to offer upcoming Staff Development to address the NCLB requirement of Highly Qualified for Paraprofessionals.

Paraprofessional Certification Training:
Dates: August 21 – 23, 2013
E-Campus #SU1324957
Fee: $225
*See the attached flyer (2013 Para revised June 2013) and/or view: www.esc13.net/paraprofessional for more detailed information about this HQ certification training.


A new outreach has been developed to support the professional development needs of substitute teachers. We are offering a TOT for school administrators as well as face-to-face training for substitute teachers.

The customizable electronic version of the Substitute Teacher Support resources are available for school administrators at a reduced fee. See the attached flyer (Sub-flyer-teacher) for specific details on these offers.

Substitute Teacher Support (for substitute teachers)
Dates: August 15 – 16
E-Campus #: SU1320703
Location: ESC Region 13
Fee: $50 per Substitute Teacher

Dates: August 28 – 29
E-Campus #FA1327676
Location: Blanco ISD
Fee: $50 per Substitute Teacher

Dates: September 3 – 4
E-Campus # FA1327674
Location: Smithville ISD
Fee: $50 per Substitute Teacher

TOT Substitute Teacher Support (for district administrator personnel)
Date: August 14
E-Campus #: SU1325869
Fee: $500 per school personnel

*See the attached flyer (Sub-flyer-TOT) for more detailed information about this staff development.

The TOT Substitute Teacher Support is designed for school administrator personnel as a turn-a-round staff development for your ISD substitute teachers. You will receive a customizable District Substitute Teacher Handbook with electronic forms, legalities, and substitute teacher survival techniques; a customizable Power Point presentation with speaker notes and built-in activities for learning; and an electronic Region 13 Substitute Teacher Support Notebook with handouts, forms and specific guidance on instructional strategies and classroom management.

Administrators can also select to receive the customizable resources without the TOT staff development option. See the flyer for specific details.

The course content for Substitute Teacher Support Training includes modules that can be presented separately in short increments of PD as needed:
-Classroom Management
-Safety, Ethical and Legal Issues
-Guidance in Working with School Personnel and Substitute Teacher “Survival Tips”
-Modeling of Instructional Strategies to Enhance Lessons
-Examining Resources to Enrich Student Learning Experiences
-Review Lesson Plan Implementation

For more information contact:
Susan Patteson M.Ed., CALT
Specialty Certification Project Coordinator

Register on E-Campus:
Visit http://ecampus.esc13.net
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