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MSTAR Universal Screener (Revised) and ESTAR Diagnostic Assessments Pilots

MSTAR Universal Screener (Revised) and ESTAR Diagnostic Assessments Pilots


The ESTAR/MSTAR development team is seeking teachers, schools, and districts to participate in the MSTAR Universal Screener (*Revised) Pilot and ESTAR Diagnostic Assessments Pilot and is specifically requesting volunteers from grades 2-8 for either or both pilots.

The MSTAR Universal Screener (Revised) and the new ESTAR Diagnostic Assessments are scheduled to go live statewide in 2014-15. As part of the development of the assessment tools, the TEA is inviting teachers and their students to take part in pilots scheduled for April 28-June 6, 2014. If your students have not taken the ESTAR/MSTAR assessments, you are still invited to take part in this critical step in launching and validating the tools.

Participating students will need to complete 25-36 questions in an online format. Most students will require one class period to complete the assessment, but they may complete it in multiple sessions.

Please contact Erin Romero at erin.midgley@esc13.txed or Region 10 Education Service Center at universalscreener@region10.org by April 14 to participate.

Information regarding additional details of the pilot will be sent soon.

Thank you for your contribution to the success of this important project!

*Revised to align with new math TEKS

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