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Call for Participants: MSTAR Universal Screener (Revised) Pilot

The MSTAR Universal Screener (Revised) Pilot will be extended through June 20, 2014, to allow for additional participation. To complete the pilot testing, the Texas Education Agency is specifically seeking volunteers from grades 6-8. The purpose of the pilot test is to ensure the MSTAR Universal Screener assessment items are valid and reliable. Approximately 4,000 students at each grade level are needed to participate in the pilot testing, which is the target number needed to yield the data required.

The MSTAR Universal Screener is designed to determine if students in grades 5-8 are “at risk” OR “not at risk” for meeting expectations in algebra and is used to help guide instructional decisions. The MSTAR Universal Screener is currently undergoing revisions to align with the revised math TEKS to be implemented in 2014-15.

The MSTAR Universal Screener (Revised) is scheduled to go live statewide in fall 2014. As part of the development of this assessment tool, TEA is inviting summer school teachers and their students to take part in this critical step in launching and validating the tool. Participating students will need to complete 25-36 questions in an online format. Most students will require one class period to complete the assessment, but they may complete it in multiple sessions.

Please contact Region 10 Education Service Center at universalscreener@region10.org as soon as possible to participate. Information will follow regarding additional details of the pilot.

Thank you for your contribution to the success of this important project!  During past efforts, our Region 13 school districts have played a critical role in successful state-wide pilots. If you have students in grades 6-8 participating in summer school consider piloting the MSTAR Universal Screener.



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