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July Curriculum Council Update and Registration for 14-15 Sessions

As a follow up to our July 24th Curriculum Council we are providing the Superintendent Edition with summaries and contact information from topics shared. Please let us know if there are additional ways in which we may provide support.

Supt Ed_Jul14

Curriculum Council Meetings 2014-2015:

Register through our E-Campus System for workshop number FA1430499. ESC Region 13 districts have a discount code for registration that appears in the “class notes” for the workshop.

Participants registered for the meetings for 14-15 will receive links to the virtual sessions and valuable resources. We will be transitioning some of the content from our public Curriculum Council page to the site that will only be accessible to those who have registered. Examples of materials that will be available through registration are video links, editable documents and presentations, tools, and resources. We will continue to communicate changes as we move into the new year.

ESC Region 13 Contact: Jennifer Drumm – jennifer.drumm@esc13.txed.net


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