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Required Professional Development for Teachers Responsible for Providing Services to Gifted Children

The state of Texas requires teachers responsible for providing services to gifted children; receive 30 hours of specific training within the first semester of working with these students.  This training defines the nature and social/emotional needs of this population based on current research.  Some of the general characteristics might include:

  •  an ability to process information at a faster pace than grade-level peers,
  • a large vocabulary,
  • and/or a voracious appetite for learning.

The training also addresses methodology for addressing the academic needs of these students in the regular classroom through addition of needed depth and complexity of content, opportunities for critical thinking and strategies for differentiation focusing on the individual needs of the child.

Texas has made large strides in dispelling the faulty stereotype of gifted children as solely the academic elite.  Research provides critical information that describes this population as youth in need of academic services to challenge and expand the cognitive abilities, rather than just a group of bright, high achieving students.

As the end of the fall semester approaches, Region 13 will be offering another opportunity for your teachers to receive the required training.  Registration is currently open for the G/T Online workshops.  Each of the five workshops, when successfully completed, will provide 6 hours of G/T credit.  Each workshop is $80.

Workshop opens at 7:00 am on 11/10/14

Registration closes at 5:00 pm on 11/14/14

Workshop closes at 5:00 pm on 12/15/14


G/T Online ESC 13: Nature and Needs of Gifted/Talented Students- Series 2 (FA1431096)

G/T Online ESC 13: Assessing the Needs of Gifted/Talented Students- Series 2 (FA1431097)

G/T Online ESC 13: Differentiating Instruction for Gifted/Talented Students- Series 2 (FA1431098)

G/T Online ESC 13: Designing Curriculum for Gifted/Talented Students- Series 2 (FA1431099)

G/T Online ESC 13: Setting Standards for Success of Gifted/Talented Students- Series 2


Please contact Janet Newton, Advanced Academics Specialist, for more information.


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