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EMAT Closing April 3, 2015 for Current Year

The Texas Education Agency posted an update regarding ordering of instructional materials through EMAT for 2014-15 and 2015-16.

“School districts and open-enrollment charter schools should place any orders for instructional materials needed for the 2014−2015 school year on or before April 3, 2015. EMAT will reopen for districts to order materials for the 2015−2016 school year on April 13, 2015.

Districts and open-enrollment charter schools are required to certify annually to the State Board of Education and the commissioner that, for each subject in the required curriculum other than physical education, students have access to instructional materials that cover all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).”

  • certification must be received by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) prior to ordering for 2015-16
  • Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification is available in EMAT
  • certification form must be presented to the district’s or open-enrollment charter’s local board of trustees or governing body


The 2015−2016 instructional materials allotment (IMA) will be calculated and placed into each district and open-enrollment charter school’s EMAT account when appropriations have been made by the 84th Texas Legislature. Please see the notice from TEA for full details about the availability of this funding: http://tea.texas.gov/interiorpage_wide.aspx?id=25769820646.

TEA IMA Information: http://tea.texas.gov/Curriculum_and_Instructional_Programs/Instructional_Materials/Instructional_Materials_Allotment/Instructional_Materials_Allotment/

TEA contact:

Instructional Materials and Educational Technology Division at (512) 463-9601 or via email at instructional.materials@tea.texas.gov.

ESC Region 13 Contact:

Lori Reemts –lori.reemts@esc13.txed.net

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