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Administrator’s Quick Guide to Dyslexia Services

During our October Curriculum Council meeting (http://cc.esc13.net) Katherine Muller & Judy Butler shared information regarding upcoming Texas Dyslexia Identification Academies. These academies are now available through each ESC. In addition, ESC Region 13 has created a new tool to support administrators: The ‘Administrator’s Quick Guide to Dyslexia Services’ has arrived! This digital e-book includes an […]

18th Issue of the In-Sight

The 18th issue of the In-Sight newsletter has been posted at http://www5.esc13.net/thescoop/insight/. Feel free to pass  links to articles  to your colleagues. Articles include: What If? Whiteboard Scenarios in Science Education Mindsets and Math: Ideas for Helping Nurture Growth Be the Learner Not People, Places or Dates:Using Vocabulary to Instruct Social Studies Social Emotional Skills, […]

Student Success Initiative (Texas SUCCESS) Online Accelerated Instruction Resources

The following “To the Administrator Addressed” was posted on December 11th from the Texas Education Agency: SUBJECT: Student Success Initiative (Texas SUCCESS) Online Accelerated Instruction Resources Rider 46, General Appropriations Act, 84th Texas Legislature, authorizes the commissioner to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for “statewide licenses to provide supplemental computer-based reading and mathematics instruction […]

Master Reading Teacher Certification Training

The application process is open for Master Reading Teacher (MRT) certification training that will begin April 2016 and go through May 2017.  Attached is a brochure and a Q & A document to address questions about this program. View the website www.esc13.net/mrt for additional detailed information about this course offering. We look forward to being […]

TEA Teacher Survey: Instructional Support and Professional Development Needs

The following information was shared through a recent TEA listserv: “Teacher Survey: Stakeholder Perspectives on Instructional Support and Professional Development Needs to Enhance Literacy for All Students The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER) are conducting a survey to learn more about teachers’ perspectives on the literacy development […]

Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) and Compliance with Kindergarten Reading Assessment Data Submission (TEC, §28.006)

The Texas Education Agency posted a letter on October 7th with information regarding the Early Childhood Data System (ECDS).ECDS will be available October 5, 2015, through December 18, 2015, to collect the required beginning of year (BOY) kindergarten assessment scores. “Pursuant to TEC, §28.006, Reading Diagnosis, the superintendent, or a designee, of each school district […]

The In-Sight

The latest edition of the In-Sight Newsletter has been posted. Please feel free to share the following articles with others: What Makes Science Science? How Well Did Our Math Resources Align to Our TEKS? Explicitly Teaching Literacy Cognitive Processes Supporting the Young English Language Learner Why We Filter Out: Understanding the Affective Filter STEM Essential […]

April 2015 Issue of the In-Sight

The 16th issue of the In-Sight Newsletter is now available at http://www5.esc13.net/thescoop/insight/2015/04/in-this-issue-16/. Please share articles with your colleagues! Topics in this issue: Fair Use and Images In Science Education Increasing Science Literacy through Weekly Article Abstracts Let’s PLAY! Long Term English Language Learners Maintaining Student Engagement in Math Making STEM-Centered Makerspaces Work Migrant Education: The Right Measure […]

Share the Latest Edition of the In-Sight

The February 2015 edition of the In-Sight Newsletter has been published. Feel free to share the link with colleagues! http://www5.esc13.net/thescoop/insight/2015/02/   In This Issue: The “E” in STEM Ensuring Students Become Bi-literate: What Administrators Must Do Growing Healthy Texans Importance of Family in Early Childhood Education: Now is the Time to Reengage Increasing Written Literacy […]

Teaching Innovations: Inspiring Multimodal Learning

Teaching Innovations highlights classroom practices that engage students through content in context. This new resource is a collection of videos with accompanying process guides in support of sharing strategies that are working in classrooms in our area. http://teachinginnovations.gallery.esc13.net/ https://magic.piktochart.com/output/3593104-teaching-innovations-dw See the presentation from  Curriculum Council for more information: Questions? Janet Hester – janet.hester@esc13.txed.net Laura Lee Stroud […]

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