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2013 State Accountability Update

The Texas Education Agency posted information inviting educators to review and comment on the current proposal for the new rating system. Consideration of educator feedback is critical to the development of a fair and comprehensive accountability system. Note that all meeting materials are marked FOR DISCUSSION to indicate they do not describe final decisions by […]

Curriculum Council – November 1, 2012 Follow Up

Thanks to all who were able to join us at Region 13, or through our distance connection, for Curriculum Council. There were a couple of requests for follow up items and links requested by the group:   Rebecca McCoy, Georgetown ISD, shared information from the 2013 Accountability Rating System Development, specifically the Accountability Technical Advisory […]

2013 Accountability System Development Timeline

  The Texas Education Agency posted the 2013 Accountability System Development Timeline on February 23rd. This timeline provides dates for accountability advisory group meetings and key events related to the development of the new accountability system beginning with October of 2011 and ending in November of 2014.

Campus Priority List for the 2% TAKS-M Cap – AYP

TEA released your district’s 2011 Campus Priority List for the 2% Federal Cap late yesterday afternoon. You can access the list on the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) Accountability web application at https://seguin.tea.state.tx.us/apps/logon.asp . TEA has developed a default campus priority or ranking list for the 2011 federal cap process.  Districts have the option […]

Texas Student Data System

We will be hosting a presentation showcasing the Texas Student Data System facilitated by TEA on May 26th from 9 – 10:30 at Region XIII (ECampus SP1121777). Every district will be invited to send one to two central office representatives (specifically those that work in the realm of assessment and accountability). TEA will review the […]

TPM Discontinued

TEA released Commissioner Scott’s final decisions related to 2011 State Accountability. The biggest surprise being that TPM has been discontinued in BOTH the State and Federal systems. We will talk more about this, and all of the final decisions, at the next Curriculum Council, May 5th. If you would like to read the rationale behind […]

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