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Texas Success Center to Provide Content Frameworks for College Preparatory Courses called for in House Bill 5

During our May Curriculum Council Suzy Lofton and Ed Vara presented information regarding   the HB5 College Readiness Course Frameworks from the Texas Success Center (http://new.livestream.com/escregion13/events/2774250/videos/49664358). Yesterday the official press release regarding the Frameworks was posted on the Texas Association of Community Colleges web site at http://www.tacc.org/uploads/tinymce/texas%20success%20center/tsc%20hb5%20framework%20press%20release%205_23_14.pdf. Please see the full press release for details regarding the […]

Expansion of TASA on iTunes U to Assist Districts with HB 5 Requirement

Last week the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) posted an announcement regarding an expansion of digital content on iTunes U related to House Bill 5. The expansion includes “content for college preparatory courses in mathematics and English language arts that school districts may use to satisfy requirements in House Bill 5.” The communication also stated […]

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