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State Board of Education gives preliminary approval to Fine Arts TEKS

The Texas Education Agency posted communication regarding the preliminary approval of the Fine Arts TEKS: “Revised curriculum standards for all fine arts instruction for kindergarten through 12th grade received preliminary approval from the State Board of Education today. The curriculum standards outline the topics to be covered in art, music, dance and theater classes. The […]

Engineering is Elementary

Join us on MARCH 4th for an exciting adventure into the world of Engineering is Elementary! Engineering Adventures (EA) is a fun, engaging, hands-on, design curriculum by the Engineering is Elementary team at Museum of Science, Boston for use in out-of-school-time (OST) settings such as after-school and camp programs. EA challenges children to solve design […]

Focus on Engaging Instruction

As we move into the 2012-2013 school year we know that our focus needs to be on high quality, engaging instruction that assists students in achieving the level of understanding set by the TEKS for each grade level. This document focuses on instruction with an emphasis on curriculum, assessment, rigor and relevance, collaborative teams, and […]

Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Review

The following information was distributed by the Center for Educator Development in the Fine Arts (CEDFA): As you are aware, the Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre are currently under review/revision by committee members appointed by the State Board of Education (SBOE). Drafts of the reviewed/revised Fine […]

Implementing Rigor In Social Studies

At Curriculum Council this morning Rachel Hernandez presented information regarding implementation of the TEKS in Social Studies with a focus on rigor. Below are two sessions that will assist teachers in this process. Hemisphere’s Presents: Teaching with Primary Sources This hands-on training workshop will discuss the use and analysis of primary documents, reading for bias, […]

Elementary Science Resource Calibration (SP1222646)

January 23, 2012 9:00 – 4:00 With the “new” Science TEKS and the old Science resources (and no overhaul of these on the horizon) finding appropriate resources that target both the appropriate content and cognitive levels of your grade level TEKS can be daunting.  Add in the lack of time to evaluate resources and this […]

TEA: TEKS review committee ~ Mathematics

Color coded copies of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) review committee recommendations for the revisions to the mathematics TEKS are available on the Texas Education Agency website.

Elementary Science Professinal Development support for TEKS and STAAR

  New Elementary Science Fall workshops are now open for registration via E-Campus. These workshops focus on the TEKS and alignment found within the STAAR Reporting Categories, evaluating and calibrating existing resources, and STAAR as it pertains to Elementary science. Most workshops have discount codes allowing participants to more easily register and attend. Please see […]

TEKS Professional Development: Fine Arts with Math and Science

 New Courses have been added to the TEKS Professional Development Grant series: SU1122004 Elementary Science, Aug 2 from 9-12 SU1122048 Elementary Math, Aug 2 from 1-4 SU1122050 Secondary Math, Aug 3 from 1-4 SU1122049 Secondary Science, Aug 3 from 9-12  Please view the descriptors on our E-campus system and watch the promotional video for more […]

New Training Opportunities for TEKS PD

New training opportunites have been added to the TEKS PD grant: Elementary Science and Arts Integration for Student Success Elementary Math and Arts Integration for Student Success Secondary Science and Arts Integration for Student Success Secondary Math and Arts Integration for Student Success We are working to set dates and locations for these trainings and […]

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