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Student Success Initiative (SSI)

On Monday the Texas Education Agency posted the 2012-2013 Student Success Initiative Manual. The manual, sample forms and letters are located at ESC Region 13 Contact: Jennifer Womack – **Also posted to the Curriculum Council Blog.

Curriculum Council Superintendent Edition

  Each month after our Curriculum Council meeting a “Superintendent Edition” is created. This document is intended to be a quick digest with summaries of presentations, resources, and potential action items. The Superintendent Edition is uploaded to the resources page for Curriculum Council ( The April document is attached here for your review. curriculumcouncil4-4

In-Sight: A newsletter for curriculum, instruction, & assessment

The latest edition of the In-Sight Newsletter was published last week. To access articles related to ELLs, integrated elementary curriculum, parent involvement, and much more visit ESC Region 13 Contact: Cindy Hamilton –