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Good Leaders

Today was the graduation celebration for one of our Principal Certification Network Cohorts. The passion and drive of these leaders has been contagious!  As you might also have discovered, graduation tends to be a time of reflection and looking back on what has been accomplished and a time of thought for what the future might hold. In watching and participating today and […]

Curriculum Council: Superintendent Edition (May 1st)

Campus Leaders: Here is the link to the summary of presentations from our May 1st Curriculum Council meeting.  We hope that you find this wealth of information useful.  We are also including links to other resources and information regarding Curriculum Council meetings and a new resource called “Year in Review” to assist you in referencing meeting […]

More on Flipped Learning

In one of my previous blogs, I shared with you an article I read that talked about Flipped Professional Development and its use with teachers. As a campus leader that is a great option to consider as you work to provide staff development based on your teachers’ needs and desires.  In broaching this topic, I recognize […]